Baseball Scores & Highlights 5/15/2017

Upper Township Major League:

White Sox 6, Orioles 1 – Sam Scarano drove in the Orioles only run, Robbie Neville hit a shot to left, and Dylan Oliver had a strong performance on the mound.

Orioles 11, Cubs 4 – Dan Leiser went 2-2 at the plate with a walk. Wade Stetzer pitched 4 solid innings with 9 strikeouts.

Indians 4, Yankees 1

White Sox 15, Athletics 3

Orioles 6, Phillies 5 – Dylan Oliver went 3-3 at the plate and stayed strong to pitch a complete game with 13 strikeouts.  Dan Leiser made a highlight reel catch at third, robbing a Phillies player of a hit.  Wade Stetzer continued his solid play with a double. The bats started to come alive with singles from Leiser, Chooch DiCicco,  and Gregory Mason.  Kaden Elberson drew a walk and scored a run.

Indians 18, Cubs 3

Orioles 10, Yankees 8 – Gregory Mason, Chooch DiCicco, and Dan Leiser all had extra base hits in the first inning.  Kaden Elberson batted in a run in the first. Antonio Freund and Sam Scarano added to the firepower by having hits at their first at bats.  Wade Stetzer closed out the game on the mound with 6 straight strikeouts.

White Sox 14, Cubs 5

Upper Township Minor League:

UT Dodgers 12, UT Cardinals 7 .. Tighe Olek had a 2 run home run, Sean Arseanault had 2 RBI, and Quinn Olek won his first career start.

Marlins 11, Dodgers 6 – For the Dodgers Tighe Olek had 2 RBI’s, and Hunter Ludlam hit two singles.  For the Marlins Luke Finnigan was awesome at shortstop, and pitched just as well.  First baseman Teagan Mouton made an unassisted triple play to end the game.

 Pirates 12, Cardinals 4 – Anthony Defranco 2-2 w/ 3 RBIs and couple great defensive plays at 2nd base. Chris Payne allowed no runs on the mound, and added a triple in the 4th w/ 3 RBIs.

Pirates 13, DT Black 6 – Nicholas Colalillo went 2-2 w a 2 run home run in the 1st inning. He also took the mound in final inning to get the save w 3 K’s, & the final out was at the plate. Clarence Smith went 3-3 w/ a grand slam HR and a game ending catch and tag at the plate.

Dodgers 10, Pirates 8 – Mikey Davis was the winning pitcher, supported by Tighe Olek  and Dylan Singleton with 2 RBI each.  Jake Candalero added 2 RBI plus an awesome play in centerfield to throw out a runner at third base.

Marlins 22, DT Black 18 – Brothers Scott and Michael Halliday played very well and both had multiple hits at the plate.  Scott added a great play in the infield.

Dodgers 12, Pirates 7 – Billy Munsch had a hit and RBI, Nate Aschmann had an RBI, and Jake Collo had a pair of hits and 2RBI

Dodgers 10, DT Black 1 – Dillon Singleton had 2 RBI, Mikey Davis had 3 RBI, and Tighe Olek had 3 RBI

Cardinals 13, Marlins 11 – For the marlins , John Merlino and Jack Fellows had a good night at the plate, each with solid base hits.

Upper Township Travel Baseball: